Bardock The Legendary Super Saiyayin – Full Movie

planet bardock attacked chilled capsules Freezer Tobi live destroy die homes eliminated


A ship lands in the planet town, Bardock mistakes it for Freezer’s and investigate while grabbing his armor. From this ship two subordinates of Chilled come out, Tobi and Cavira, and they begin to attack the homes of the villagers telling them that the Planet Plant belongs to Chilled and the intervening one will be eliminated.

Then Bardock arrives, being attacked, and defeats Cavira with a blow to the stomach and Tobi with a kick, making him bounce on the ground, throwing him against a mountain, until he falls. The inhabitants thank him but the Saiyan says he is not interested in whether they live or die. Then later Chilled says that he and his men search for those who attacked the island and tell them that Bardock defeated those men, after which he reveals his intentions by attacking the planet. Chilled and his men begin to destroy everything in their path and Berry pleads with Bardock to save the planet from those men, still angry, Then Bardock goes straight to the meeting place. Chilled tells Ipana that he is very interested in his special medicine (which is supposed to be used by Frieza in the recovery capsules).


Bardock arrives and saves Ipana from the Chilled men who were going to shoot him, nullifying them both completely. Ipana mentions Bardock’s name and Chilled is surprised to hear it and tells him that it was he who killed Tobi and Kyabira. When Chilled discovers his face Bardock mistakes him for Freezer and calls him by that name and in an attack of fury attacks him by hitting him in the face and knocking him back a long distance, angry Chilled counterattacks with a kick and leaves Bardock on the ground , thus showing him the superiority of the Chilled race over a Saiyan like Bardock.

planet bardock attacked chilled capsules Freezer Tobi live destroy die homes eliminated

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